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Kentucky statutes KRS 158.030 and KRS 158.100 place a duty on local school districts to enroll students who meet the age and residency requirements and who have not received a high school diploma. KRS 158.030 requires a school district to provide an education to “every child residing in the district who satisfies the age requirements…” Kentucky law allows anyone with custody or "charge" (physical charge of the student) to enroll the student in the district where the student is actually residing. In some cases, this may be a relative or a family friend who has taken over care for the child but does not have a legal guardianship or other formal legal order granting custody to the child. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Standard Power of Attorney for School Decision Making form is not required under Kentucky law for the adult to enroll the student in school. (KDE, Pupil Attendance Manual 2021-2022)


Chad Willis

Chad Willis
Director of Pupil Personnel 
Washington County Schools

Educational Enhancement Opportunity form

First page of the PDF file: EHOForms